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Jason Guillemette

UAP STUDIES Podcast is a distinguished podcast that stands as the foremost authority in the realm of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena studies and brings together a diverse array of professionals including experts, scientists, military personnel, reporters, investigators, and researchers hailing from every corner of the world. 

Our podcast has evolved into a guiding light for those who possess the audacity to challenge the boundaries of conventional wisdom, extending an open invitation to the most distinguished minds in the field to share their invaluable insights and extensive knowledge.

Join us on this exceptional journey as we explore the depths of Ufology, guided by the Canadian Ufologist/ Researcher Jason Guillemette and the distinguished Dr. Michael Glawson, S.C.U.  Together, they lead this unique podcast, ushering you into the world of UAP with an unparalleled commitment to professionalism and rigor.

Hosted by Jason Guillemette 
Researcher, Canada